Start with React Native: What You Have to Know about the Framework
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April 29, 2021

Start with React Native: What You Have to Know about the Framework

Patryk Kluczak

Frontend Developer
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Welcome to the series of articles about React Native. This is the first article of the React Native series with the basic information. Why is it worth choosing for your application or maybe it is not? What can we create using React Native?

And then, after the basic information, you will get a detailed explanation of how to instal the first app in React Native and add plugins with code examples. In other words - will give a decent dose of concrete React Native lifehacks about React Native for beginners. But first things first - let’s start from the general info.

So what is React Native?

React Native is a mobile framework based on React.js - Facebook’s JavaScript library - which allows you to develop cross-platform applications for both Android and iOS.

React Native enables you to build mobile apps using only JavaScript with the same structure as React. This makes it possible to create a multifunctional mobile UI using declarative components.

Advantages of React Native

Cross-platform development

Applications written in React Native framework are cross-platform - its single codebase, which is written in JavaScript, creates both Android and IOS modules. The code is shared between platforms so it is much faster to develop for both of them. Thanks to React Native, users can enjoy the applications which feel and look like native, and developers have an opportunity to use the tool which is comfortable to work with. In React apps, we can still reuse some code between the mobile and web apps.

Time saving

React Native provides components for formats like text, images, links, animations, clipboards etc. These components make the process of development faster. The «Hot Reloading» feature also saves a lot of time for developers. Thanks to this possibility, the application is reloaded every time the JS file is saved, so UI development, testing and bug fixing processes are more optimised with React Native.

User experience

The application created with the help of React Native feels and looks completely native on every platform. You will not find any difference between native applications and cross-platform React app!

Why React Native could be not the best choice?

If you are a JavaScript hater

Do you have a personal grudge against JavaScript? You wouldn't be a fan of React Native then. JavaScript is not like other traditional languages - that is why some people dislike React and React Native.

React Native is still new

React is on the active development stage now and it develops fast - it is much younger than other traditional Android and iOS development languages. As you noticed, guys from Frontend News podcast regularly talk about React releases and updates. React does not completely support all native features and libraries, but skilled developers can always deal with that.

Complicated to learn

React can be very challenging for beginners. But no worries - the next article would help you with that.

That’s enough for the basics. Wait for the code heavy artillery! See you.

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