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How to build Minimum Viable Product?

How to choose a tech stack?

Inhouse or remote team of developers?

How to develop a product with a limited budget?

Custom Software Development services will ensure its success on the market. Let your product be effective from the start. We build personalized, safe, adapted for your needs and flexible solutions.

How to build MVP?

MVP is a bug-free version of a new product with a set of core features, which are sufficient for use. The product with minimum functionality allows checking the idea before entering the market with the final product. Custom software development of MVP allows You to minimize time to launch the product and start testing software solution. MVP helps decrease the cost of development process for the company.

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Why is MVP important?

Minimum Viable Product is an important element to find potential investors and fund your business. It also brings new ideas to implement through interaction with customers and observing the behaviour. Consequently, the Minimum Viable Product saves time and resources.
MVP, is a developed product with enough features to attract early-adopter customers and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle. In industries such as software, the MVP can help the product team receive user feedback as quickly as possible to iterate and improve the technology solutions. Each development project should start with MVP.

How to build MVP?

The process of building Minimum Viable Product consists of:

  1. Market research.
  2. Defining the idea and business needs.
  3. Choosing the core features of new software.
  4. Chosing the goal of MVP for the product.
  5. Software development of new solution.
  6. Custom analysis, adding new features to software.

There are a large number of reasons, the success of custom software depends on, and one of them is the choice of the right tech team for your project. Experts from Frontend House will professionally support and lead you through all stages. Choose wisely!

How do we improve your business or organization

Front end is always on the front line - we know how important UI and UX is. We offer complex custom development solutions based on your needs and users oriented.

Our experts will take care of your commercial product and will deliver custom and scalable front end solutions.

How do we work?
Workshop Idea
Workshop Idea
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Prototype Solution
Improvement Adaptation
Improvement Adaptation
Production Integration
Production Integration
Ready product
Ready product

How to choose a tech stack for your commercial software?

Technology stack has a direct influence on the future software product, its performance, UX/UI experience, speed, scalability, and therefore, usage and functionality of project. Tech stack - or technology infrastructure - is a set of tools, languages, frameworks, databases, which are the elements of the back and front end of your app. It depends on the project requierements, expected efficiency and chosen platform and has an impact on expectations of the price level.

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So, what does the choice of technologies depend on?

1. Idea of the application.
Custom software is not shelf software, it is important to choose tech stack according to business needs and the whole product requirements.

The tech stack depends on form, size, purpose, specific requirements of your project, functionality of the application etc. The decision has to be based on a deep analysis and evaluation by an expert. Your team of experts is aware of all pitfalls and features of each technology and will advise the tech stack to translate your project into life.

2. Trends and latest features.
Software development is a dynamic sector where innovative solutions and opportunities appear regularly. Custom software development relays on up to date knowledge of developers who take care about providing best solutions and technologies in your application. Maybe one of those will add unique features to your idea? Follow our Frontend News to be up-to-date and use fresh knowledge for your product.

3. Use the knowledge of our experts.
Skilled developers will help to choose the right technology stack for your business and deliver solutions or service according to your expectations.

Have some questions? The Frontend House team is always there to help. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Agile approach in custom software development

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Product Backlog
A product backlog is a list of required product improvements, which have to be implemented in the product.

Prioritizing and managing the backlog elements provides a clear understanding of what has to be done in the first place.
Sprint Planning
A sprint planning is a meeting when the team chooses the backlog items which will be implemented during the next sprints with subsequent splitting into tasks.

The process of planning involves each member of the team, which allows defining purposes and story points.
Sprint Backlog
The team decides what is needed to implement during the Sprint, what is the Sprint Goal and its Definition of Done. The plan of action for the team and a list of tasks is called a Sprint Backlog.
Sprint Review
The Sprint Review is a meeting at the end of the sprint when the team presents Increments to stakeholders and gets feedback on the work done. Based on the Sprint Review, the team revises the Product Backlog for the next Sprint.
An Increment is a stepping stone on the way to the Product Goal, which delivers value. Increments are created during the Sprints. Within a Sprint, multiple Increments could be produced.
Sprint Retrospective
During the Sprint Retrospective meeting, the team draws a conclusion of a Sprint and discusses the results of the work done. The team, Scrum Master and Product Owner assess the workflow and find ways for new improvements.
One Scrum Team
Daily Scrum
Daily Scrum is the meeting for all team members which is always held at the same time and in the same location. The Daily Scrum is the time to answer the 3 following questions:

  1. What did you do yesterday?

  1. What will you do today?

  1. Are there any impediments in your way?

In-house or remote team of developers?

While hiring a team of developers, you always have a choice: to build your in-house team of developers or hire remote experts from a software studio. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages, so the decision depends on the needs, requirements and purposes.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hiring an in-house and remote team, to find the best hiring solution for your custom software project.

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In-house team

An in-house team of developers is fully integrated into your company, knows the culture of your organisation and scope of the project. Your team of in-house developers is always close to you, so the advantages of an in-house team of developers are proximity, transparency and control over the whole process. But in-house team can have some technology laks in custom software development and will require to hire new experts and it can be less cost effective. However, many companies choose an already-build remote team to develop products for the company. It is usually connected with the complicated and time-consuming hiring process, and as a result, high costs of developed software. It takes time to find talents and coordinate the development process.

Remote tech team

Remote team of developers has a range of advantages. You have a wide choice of teams from all over the world. The diversity of skills and technologies allows finding an available tech team with perfect skills for your custom software development. In comparison with hiring in-house tech teams, cooperation with software studios will save costs and time. Finally, flexibility is the next reason to choose a remote team of developers for your software. You can modify the process during the solution implementation: change the number of developers, hire more developers, testers, business analysts etc. Disadvantages of hiring a remote team are the following risks: communication and security gap, and trust or quality issues. Language barriers, different time zones could be a challenge for some companies. As you see, the risks could be reduced by the right team. In both cases, the most crucial and complicated issue is finding the skilled team you will trust - people, who will offer innovative solutions and deliver a quality product. So how to choose right custom software development team ? Take a look at case studies of software studio. Check their reviews. Ask for CV of developers who will take part in the development process. Try to make sure that your custom software is in good hands. And remember that remote team becomes your team of developers for some time. Contact us to have a consultation and make the right choice for your business.

How to develop software with a limited budget?

Fitting the great and extensive idea into the modest budget could be a serious challenge. You can compare shelf software but it can laks some features comparing to custom software. But even with a limited budget, you can still develop high-quality, innovative products. We’ve created a shortlist of factors to take into consideration while developing a high-quality software solutions with a limited budget instead shelf solutions.

The 4 steps for working with a restricted budget are:
1. Preparing a clear plan of software development
2. Choosing core features for your custom apps
3. Creating of MVP of bespoke software
4. Transparent communication with a tech team is fundamental base in management of solution development

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Step by step guide of custom software development

Custom software development of a new product is a complicated process, which is always connected with lots of modifications and changes. A detailed software development plan, which includes all stages of the development life cycle as analysis, planning, design, development, testing, and deployment, will enable the team to reduce means and avoid hidden additional costs. Management of the plan should be focused on each step of process and having in mind cost of each and goals of the solution.

In the beginning, expensive and additional features are not a priority in custom software development. It is essential to choose the core features of your solution and not to overload the cost. The analysis will show which features are necessary on the start. The rest could wait till the better times. MVP will detect all missing pieces, precise the target audience and test the idea. Remember that MVP is not an example of your app but it is core features software. A minimum viable product will save costs by checking the feasibility of the product and its functions and thats why is so important in custom software development.

Your team has to provide access to documentation and working progress, so you will always know what stage your project is currently on. Custom software development requires transparent communication, partnership and support as a core value for Frontend House. Contact us to know more.

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