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UI/UX Design

Even the most complex product needs the easy UX/UI

At FrontendHouse, we build human-centered products that solve users’ problems and help our clients create a competitive advantage by delivering the ultimate user experience.

UX UI Design Services

If your goal is to captivate your users with relevant and meaningful experiences through thoughtful design, you have come to the right place. Our UX/UI design services will help you create products that are not only tailored to users’ needs but also deliver measurable effects to your business. Our experienced team will choose the best tools and methods to fully understand your customers and give them exactly what they are looking for.

UI/UX Design

What are UX UI design services?

UX and UI design refers to a visitor’s experience when they use a website or an application. The term has been important for digital products to succeed and the awareness of UX UI design significance has been rapidly growing. Simply speaking, the product’s success is about users who want to use them. And the UX UI design is all about it – to make digital products useful and user-friendly.

UX design encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the product. It’s everything that forms the user experience, how it makes the user feel and how simple it is for the user to achieve their intended objectives are all taken into account by UX design. The main idea behind UX design is to provide users with simple, meaningful, and overall enjoyable experiences.

UI design is the process ui designers use to create interfaces in software or applications, focusing on looks and style. The main idea behind UI design is to build easy to use and pleasurable user interfaces.

So, UX and UI are not the same things. However, they cannot exist without each other. UI is more concerned with the surface and overall feel of a design. It’s a craft where the ux designer builds an essential part of the user experience. On the other hand, UX covers the entire spectrum of the user experience. UX design is a human-first approach to design, whereas UI design is the visual side of design.

Why do you need UX/UI design?

The power of UX UI design lies in the ability to separate profitable software from mediocre ones. Our clients confirm that their high-quality design has been the determining factor of their success. UX/UI design helps businesses create products that meet users’ needs and resolve their problems. If the customer wants your product, you win. Customers always need things and products for a purpose and the user-friendly, attractive design helps you create the product they desire. Someone said that life is too short to build something no one wants and at FrontendHouse, we get it well. Hiring a company that specializes in UX and UI services is a great way to set up proper UX procedures, discover new business options, boost your return on investment, and of course, create outstanding an user experience.

UI/UX Development services

What’s in for you in UX UI design services?

Hiring professionals who will take care of your UX UI design can be a make or break for your app. Here is what you will get when you properly invest in UX and UI:

You will increase your conversion rate
If a customer can choose between two apps that are offering similar products it is natural that customers will choose the one that is the most visually appealing and easy to navigate. The more intuitive and user-friendly the interface, the wider the audience your app is prepared to welcome. Customers usually use the first look and the general appearance of the app to decide whether they want to use it or not. An application that users struggle to navigate is unlikely to be successful.

You will improve your SEO ranking
The correct combination of strategic SEO and UX design can drive traffic to your website and increase the chance that visitors will choose your products or services over the competition.

You will engage your customers
An app or website should be much more than just simply adequate for users. People want to connect with a brand and feel inspired. At FrontendHouse, we understand the art of leveraging various visual elements to ensure that your users are moved to interact with the content. An engaged user is more likely to recommend your product, so we make sure your digital product is user-friendly and has an intuitive navigation flow, clear information architecture, and personalization options.

You will increase revenue
For most businesses, this is probably the most important thing. Investing in UX UI design increases your brand credibility and encourages customers to recommend your products to other people.

You will boost customer experience in your digital product
A digital product that is user-friendly should have an ease-of-use UI, simplicity, and a clear CTA (Call to Action). When you carefully craft the customer journey, you will increase customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition. A successful customer journey encompasses customers’ needs while they are interacting with the product. To do so, the overall user experience should be carefully planned from the first interaction to the last point of contact.

You will improve the reputation of your brand
Almost all first impressions are design-related. The UI establishes the first impression and the UX determines whether you can sustain it. If your users come back for more, this will mean that you have managed to capture and accommodate their needs and closely mimic their behavior.

You will reduce development costs
Spending a while creating the best possible UI and UX and investing in usability testing of the final product prior to launch can be crucial for cost reduction later. Good UI and UX design is based on research, analysis, and testing and with accurate estimates, it is much cheaper than fixing them later with product redesigns or glitch fixes.

UI and UX design services at FrontendHouse

At FrontendHouse, we enable our clients to look at their products through customers’ eyes. Starting from researching users’ needs, to designing the product, we do whatever it takes to avoid business risks of solving the wrong problems for the wrong audience. In the wide portfolio of our UI UX design services, you will find:

Market and user research – we always start with a deep understanding of users’ needs. At any stage of the process, we use an empathetic approach.

Wireframing allows us to organize the structure of your website or app before the creative phase starts.

Prototyping and usability tests – we test the flow of design and collect feedback, and then, we analyze whether the users can easily navigate through the app and identify the causes of possible problems.

Why to cooperate with us?

At FrontendHouse, we make things as easy for you as possible. You can check what you can expect when we start cooperation. Have any questions? Contact us.

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UI UX design

We create experiences that solve users’ needs

At FrontendHouse, we only hire experienced UI/ UX designers who keep developing their design skills. They bridge the gap between real and digital, acting as an invaluable catalyst for building a culture of innovation. We specialize in building beautiful and smooth UI/UX designs and graphic design that provide an outstanding user experience which helps us transform businesses through effective visual design for complex systems, websites, and applications.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who will help you stay ahead of your competitors, let’s get in touch! We’ll give your business a competitive edge.

What does the UI / UX process look like?


We organize a workshop to meet your needs and get to know your business. We interview stakeholders and analyze user needs to find optimal solutions for future design strategies.

Structure and logic

We plan the structure and logic of the app. Our UI and UX designers focus on a customer journey map and user stories to decide on the sequence of content.

Concept, prototypes

We create a simplified visual concept of the future app. Then we work on wireframes, prototypes, and User Interface design process.

Final touches

We finalize the design before the product is launched.

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UI/UX Designer

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