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Product Manager, Orange Dariusz Korczykowski

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May 28, 2021
WebContainers, Internet Explorer, IDE, Parcel 2 beta 3, Node v16.2.0.

WebContainers - what is all about? Parcel 2 and Node release - Frontend News #10 |

WebContainers, Internet Explorer, IDE, Parcel 2 beta 3, Node v16.2.0.

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Apr 14, 2021
Frontend news no. 7

Chat Interface in Web App for Better User Experience - Frontend News #7

Fabric v4.4.0, NSFW JS Library, WebRTC, tests in your IDE
Mar 31, 2021
Two talking guys

How to Solve Grid Problems with CSS? - Frontend News #6

Hermes support in iOS, NASA in JS, React minor Release, Update for V8 Engine, Angular 12.0.0-Next.6
Mar 17, 2021
Frontend news no. 5

New speed of Gatsby, Experimental API of Deno and VS changes - Frontend News #5 |

Flutter 2, jQuery 3.6.0, Electron 12.0.0, VS Code v1.54, Gatsby 3.0, Deno
Mar 3, 2021
Kriss with Thomas

Release of ReactType and not so simple animation in Pixi.js - Frontend News #4

ReactType 5.0, Pixi.js, Angular v12, Node.js v15.9.0, React Ecosystem, C++ in N|Solid House, Live coding
Feb 17, 2021
Kriss with Thomas

Well optimized slider and 3D animations in JavaScript - Frontend News #3

Javascript animations, Live coding, Slider components with animation, NPM 7, Firefox 86, Safari Technology Preview 120, Node 12.20.2
Feb 3, 2021
Criss and Tomasz talk

What's new in the front end? New libraries releases - Frontend News #2

TypeScript, Typed JavaScript DevTools, Chrome 89, Node, Node.js, frontend conferences, React on the server, JavaScript Library, JS library, project of the week
Jan 20, 2021
Two talking guys

Frontend trends for 2021 - Frontend News #1 |

Frontend trends 2021, React on the server, JavaScript Library, Live coding, Tips and tricks

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Krzysztof Wyrzykowski


I specialize in creating advanced digital experiences, often taking part in interactive web campaigns and playing a leading role in combining modern technologies, usability and accessibility.

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Tomasz Krajewski

Frontend Developer

I'm Senior JS Developer with more than 8 years of practice and specialize in creating the software architecture and implementing advanced solutions in JS and RoR.

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