Not Only Metaverse, UX Trends 2022

January 21, 2022

Not Only Metaverse, UX Trends 2022 - Experts Zone #11


Olga Vasylenko

Marketing Specialist

Pawel Ingielewicz

Head of Design
Not Only Metaverse, UX Trends 2022 - Experts Zone #11
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What will be the hottest design trends for 2022? Metaverse and NFT? Sure, but not only. Pawel prepared great material for you - about metaverse, typography trends, and others. Enjoy!


Hello, and good news, everyone, this is the Frontend House channel. And today we have something very special for you as we will be going through top UI UX trends of design for 2022. So stay tuned and let's roll the intro.

So the first design trend that we'll be talking about is obviously the metaverse. We cannot talk about any trends without talking about the Metaverse.


Recently, after Facebook announced that they will be changing their name from Facebook to Meta, the world simply blew up. And everyone now is talking about what Metaverse means for basically anyone at this very moment. So we have, for example, Snoop Dogg in Metaverse now and you can buy yourself a house next to his house in Metaverse for only $450,000 if I recall correctly. Another thing as any other actual company is working on Metaverse. So I don't know if we'll be seeing positions like Metaverse designer, but I am certain that we'll be seeing some jobs regarding designing the Metaverse.


So certainly something to stay tuned for and keep an eye on. And the second design trend is, well, rest in peace, scrolling right now, the story scrolling will be a thing, which basically means that storytelling is coming by storm to the design, working with copywriters will be more important than ever. And we could actually see this for a couple of months or even years, but not so much as it will probably be this year. So there are a lot of WordPress templates that involve storytelling, a lot of animations, something that we'll also be talking about that will involve storytelling. And just implementing storytelling into your design is something that you should certainly keep in mind for the rest of this year and probably next year.

Designing in motion

So the first design trend brands in motion, basically motion design. So it doesn't mean it means basically the selling images aren't so interesting anymore and we need something more, something new. And designing in motion is a thing that will be happening this year. You'll probably see outdoors looking at some of those TV shows like sort of posters that will be actually motion designs, something that you should also consider when you are planning your next year's campaigns or your next year's designs.

Serif fonts and user interface design

Another great design trend for the next year is that Serif fonts are making a comeback. There was a little bit of overuse of Sans Serif fonts lately, past year, maybe a couple of years. We will certainly use more Serif fonts next year. Even handwritten and sometimes fonts might come back might be interesting for you, but serif fonts are something that you should also keep your mind on because when everybody is using sans serif fonts, then maybe it's time for you to change to serif fonts and just maybe be one of the first to do so. It's an interesting topic regarding typography. So have a work regarding typography, you should keep in mind that maybe it's time to switch to serif fonts.

Data visualization in UI and UX design

Okay, data. Basically, users love data. So make the data lovable. It's a topic that is called on UX Planet and this is something that actually we are doing every now and then. There is absolutely no user interface designer who didn't have the project when a client comes in with something that looks like an Excel file and he said that he wants it to not look like Excel and be more user-friendly. We are working with him and in the end, what the client gets is again Excel file. Yeah, that's kind of the circle of life of a designer. But again people actually care more about data so you should keep that in mind and make that data more friendly and more useful for the users. Try to keep it mostly clean. Information architecture will certainly be an important topic regarding data. Show facts and test it. Ask users what they want to know first. There will be more and more apps that will involve data and more people are actually interested in that than before. So probably most of the apps will now try to come up with some kind of like displaying data to make it interesting for the user. Maybe some share this data. What should we share? It's easy for example in running apps. But if you have some business apps then maybe it's time to think about how to share and what to share regarding data.

Focusing on the desktop

And yet another thing is that we will now be focusing more and more on desktop, not only applications but also web design trends. Because when we look sometimes at how we are designing things lately, of course, there is a mobile-first approach, but we were focused more on mobile since there were more and more people using smartphones while browsing. But this also is quite maybe not changing. The trend is still that smartphones are getting more and more like space in the topic. But designing for the desktop will be something that will be keeping an eye out for this year more and more because as I said, we were kind of like leaving it behind right now. Web designers will be taking care of it, making it more user friendly and not look like someone just designed it for mobile devices and just kind of switch it later to desktop, without thinking about how to actually use the space that desktop is giving you the space that you don't have in mobile phones apps.

Flat design and UI trends 2022

But then again regarding graphic design and ui design trend, a brutal design might be a thing this year, so we will be returning the flat design this year, probably. That is something also to keep an eye out for. Some people are already using it and this is the trend that actually started in 2021, but it's on the rise. This will be kind of a contra trend to all the gradients, graphic elements with shadows, and elevations that we actually used lately. And it's time to just get familiar with the flat design, it will be contrasting colors, bold typography, and a little bit of strong outline from time to time. But yet again with this statue design, you must be actually careful to not create something that looks silly or funny. So it's definitely something that we should maybe keep an eye on this year and maybe use but use it smartly. Such a brutal design. Something that will be present in our lives this year.


And last but not least, controversial topics to say the least. NFTs and democratization of art as they say it on the Internet. The NFTs are like the biggest trend right now. I think this is really trending. Like everybody wants to have their own NFTs. For example, Eminem bought 8 NFTs for like a few hundred thousand dollars. And the video game industry is releasing NFTs and it's something that gives you the possibility of earning money and you can sell a piece of art for some money that would be just kind of individual for one person. Something that maybe at some point you might think of. For example, buying art. When you buy a painting that was painted by for example Salvador Dali, I don't think you can buy it, but let's just say for the purpose of this topic that you can. So when you're actually buying Dali’s painting, that is the only painting that he painted. It's one of a kind. There's no other like it but there might be copies but it's the original. We have this one. So if this is something similar like that, you have this only one copy of for example an illustration or something like that. Only one. It's not going to be copied or something. This is the original and it's basically yours. I know if you could just maybe hang it in the metabolic if you had it. But basically, it's like you own something that is very unique. It's the only copy of it. It's the only original thing. So do you have it? It's yours and then maybe you can sell it further for more money. Like you buy hard, cheaper, sell it more expensive. If you earn money back that way, it's also possible. So yes, NFPs, this is something that I think is not only the trend for the next year but this is something that might or might not be a thing, not free medium app. Like basically it will either be huge and people will start buying it or it will simply turn out to be just a scam or something.

Okay, so those were just a few of these trends that are coming to 2022. There's like a lot of them and not all of them will be a thing. It's something that is trending right now in the world of UI/UX design, mobile applications, and web design. Will it be trending later on like flat design? I don't know, maybe not, maybe yes, it's hard to tell, but this is something that actually is for now trending as your user experience, user interface, or graphic design trends.

Something that at this very moment is a thing that is interesting to people on the internet regarding to UX design trends. So we will be watching out for that here at Frontend House to see if any of those trends are actually we're able to use to work and help our clients. So thank you very much for today and remember that we upload videos every Friday, so keep an eye out for those there will be no new content every week and for any front-end designs or just IT-related stuff. Stay here with us at Frontend House.

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