Node.js - or just Node - is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. JavaScript works on the client-side, and Node on the server. Our devs use Node.js for developing applications from scratch for web, OS X, Windows, Linux. What is more, Node.js is the 'mother tongue' of the Internet of Things software.


What distinguishes the Node.js?

- cross-platform app - scalability - the whole app from a scratch

Why is scalability one of the pros of Node.js?

When thousands of users connect to the server at the same time, Node works asynchronously, which means that it establishes priorities and allocates resources. Java, for example, allocates a separate thread for each connection.

How to understand that Node.js fits my idea?

Node.js is designed for web and mobile applications and gives a possibility to make real-time changes. Node.js can significantly reduce the development time of an application without changing the logic of an application.

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