Perfect solution if you want to build a mobile or web application that meets users’ needs and expectations.

Perfect solution if you want to build a mobile or web application that meets users’ needs and expectations.

Node development for your business

Looking for an experienced, dedicated Node.js development team who will build a scalable digital product for you? We excel at trailblazing solutions and quick turnaround time. The popularity of Node.js has been growing since its first release in 2009. The massive amount of advantages Node offers makes it extremely popular among the IT industry leaders like PayPal, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Uber.

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Why choose Node development services?

  1. Speed

    It’s really fast – express app development with node.js is fast thanks to Google’s V8 JS engine. If you want to make the time-to-market cycle shorter, Node.js is your way to go.

  2. Event-driven, thus, scalable

    It’s event-driven, thus, scalable – Node.js even works for data flow, multiple connection requests, and heavy I/O operations.

  3. Lightweight

    It’s lightweight which makes your app load much faster.

  4. Simple

    It keeps things simple – you can share one language both on the server and client sides. There is one code and one deployment. You don’t have to switch between backend and frontend.

  5. Features

    It has unique features which make the technology perfect for real-time applications like streaming services, chats, or collaboration tools.

  6. Customization

    It’s customizable which gives developers the freedom to create – they can build dynamic web apps and adapt them to the latest tools to improve scalability.

  7. Community

    It has an active community which means a lot of support and instant feedback. There are multiple tools that can accelerate the pace of the development process.

Web framework with incoming requests, concurrent connections, and javascript runtime. Development environment or web servers within the install node package manager.
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What is Node.js?

Node.js is one of the leading server environments created to develop scalable networks, mobile, and web applications. The environment allows the execution of JavaScript code on the server-side. Its servers can be effectively scaled to handle multiple requests per second and at the same time, they don’t require expensive hardware and additional hosting cost. Node.js has a large community that updates the technology up to speed so that it meets the latest standards. Applications developed with Node.js are fully compatible with cloud services.

Why is scalability one of the pros of Node.js?

When thousands of users connect to the server at the same time, Node works asynchronously, which means that it establishes priorities and allocates resources. Java, for example, allocates a separate thread for each connection.

How to understand that Node.js fits my idea?

Node.js is designed for web and mobile applications and gives a possibility to make real-time changes. Node.js can significantly reduce the development time of an application without changing the logic of an application.

Here’s what you can build using Node.js:

Interactive applications – Node.js-based applications have limitless possibilities. They are highly interactive as they heavily rely on user interactions and the real-time flow of data | Dashboards – Node.js is perfect for building real-time dashboards filled with charts and graphs that respond to users’ input instantly. Such applications are easy to use and very efficient – there is no need to reload the page to get the latest data | Serverless applications that are super scalable and reduce development costs (you are only charged for the web server space you use) | Chats and streaming services – they are fully customizable and respond to user input instantly just like dashboards.

Node.js development at Frontend House

At Frontend House, we believe in custom Node js development. We create interactive and scalable applications your customers will desire. Our apps are fast, lightweight, yet efficient so they make it possible for our customers to accomplish their business goals. Do you need an extraordinary product to scale up your business? We’ll be happy to help you!

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How to choose Node development services?

Contact our experts from Frontend House. Fill out the Free Consultation contact form or reach us via mail We will gladly fit the solution that fits your business needs.

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