Art is a thing which makes an impression. That is why it is worth pursuing excellence.

Art is a thing which makes an impression. That is why it is worth pursuing excellence.

UI/UX Design

Product Design is the process of digital products creation with a focus on delivering real business value. Product Designers analyze the perspective of the user to develop the best solution for the projects.

Why to choose Product Design services?

  1. User-centered products

    The whole design process is based on the user's needs. User experience and usability are our basics.

  2. Smooth design process

    We collaborate with tech and management teams on each stage. That's why we give you a complete design according to schedule.

  3. Unique UI

    We care about the visual side of your product. Nowadays users require more than just a proper user experience. They need amazing and beautiful interfaces.

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Why Product Design works so well?

As product designers, we can review your idea and help solve the most challenging issues. We focus on the business value of a product and trying to fit them to the user needs. Starts with workshops where we are going through the whole process to understand your product and present the best tools to create it. The most important thing is to find value for users and give them a polished solution.

During product discovery workshops we connect specialists from design, tech leading, and management with the rest of the stakeholders trying to find out what type of problem we want to solve for a specific user. This step allows us to avoid the most common mistakes in the design process. It shows the real bottleneck points and gives the information on what we should focus on. The workshops should define the most significant issues, prioritize them and show you how complex your project is. This type of meeting helps us with knowledge transfer and is the most important step for you to save money. Each workshop is a little bit different because we need to customize it for you to find the best techniques and tools.

The second step is expanded research, creating user stories, and structure diagrams. If we couldn't define personas during the workshops this is the proper time to gather information and insights. There should be no doubt that user needs research is the most critical factor to a successful product design process. Based on the user research we are able to illustrate the user journey. We organize and visualize ideas on mockups. Still working closely with you and your team to review the progress and stay in the loop. Thanks to these actions we focus on logical structure and avoid the problem with too early conversations about UI views.

Depending on the project, the next step is creating lo-fi prototypes or building a basic design system for your product. After a short conversation with you, we prepare mood boards and inspirations. In enormous projects we start from the wireframes in others we go straight to UI. We love working with design systems and atomic design.

Last, but not least - we give you hi-fi prototypes and wait with a finger crossed for the launch constantly supporting the dev team. It is good to remember that is not the end of the story. Products are living creatures and we still should work on them to improve, adjust, and maintain each of the pieces.

FAQ - common questions about Product Design
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What is the difference between UI/UX Design and Product Design?

The difference between UI/UX Design and Product Design is that UI/UX Designers and Product Designers have distinctive approaches. Usability is a priority for UI/UX Designer. Product Designer will focus on processes, costs, and business purposes.

Should I kickoff design without workshops?

Starting design without workshops involves a huge risk. This type of meeting allows us to understand how big is your project, who exactly and why want to use your solution and how we can deliver a final product. It protects you from burning money and wasting time.

How do you handle feedback and design iterations?

We work closely with our partners, so each feedback and thoughts about the design are quickly transferred through the team. Thanks to cyclic meetings we are still up-to-date. According to our knowledge, we can approve or discuss your comments and implement them to design.

What is design thinking and why is it important?

Design thinking is a user-centric approach that helps to solve problems and create innovations by prioritizing customer’s needs. This non-linear and iterative process is using for rapid prototyping and generating creative ideas. It's a perfect answer for rapid changes in users’ environments and behaviors. Thanks to design thinking, you make decisions based on what users really want instead of relying only on historical data or making risky bets based on instinct instead of evidence.

What is prototyping?

A prototype is a visualization of the final interaction between the user and the interface. We can use prototyping for testing and finding the best solutions in information architecture. We can compare ideas based on user data to create a perfect journey map, etc. This phase of the product design process is extremely important and must be based on previous analysis and customer research.

What is the difference between high fidelity and low fidelity prototyping?

Low fidelity prototypes are the first view, first sketches of a site or app. This kind of prototype is used in the early stage of the product design process to confirm that the concept is correct. It is also a great method to check and compare the vision of the product and its flow. In turn, high fidelity prototypes look like a finished product. They are tested on users (for example b testing) to check whether the IA is intuitive, whether the user journey works, and so on. If the results are approved, the product can be transferred to the development. What kind of prototyping tools we usually use? Figma, which is great for the effective client workflow.

Product design process - how long will it take?

The product design process will always vary and the biggest determining factor to how long it will take will be the product itself. The more complex the product is, the longer it will take to develop and scale to implementation. The key to success will be the workshop that will help us with proper time estimation.

How can I prepare for the product design process?

Product Designer will expect you to be specific. Lack of initial clarity will affect the whole process. If you have, prepare your assets. Do you have a vision? Let's check its usability from the start. What is more, please be prompt and if it's possible, keep the review and approval team small. Believe us, it will be the best for your decision-making process.

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