There is nothing better than native app made in React Native.

There is nothing better than native app made in React Native.

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You don’t have to spend time building your own React Native developers team. Save time and start working on your Android/iOS project right away with Frontend House.

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Why to choose React Native development services?

  1. Fast development process

    Having access to JavaScript ecosystem, React Native allows for incredibly fast prototyping and development.

  2. Cross-platform projects

    Develop one app, that works on both Android and iOS. It's perfect, if you want your app to connect the people from the entire world.

  3. Good performance

    While being cross-platform, React Native also offers a great performance. You promise, you wouldn't notice any difference.

  4. Beloved by tech companies

    A tremendous amount of apps was written in this framework including: Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Wix, or

  5. Shared codebase

    Since you only need one app for Android and iOS, you only need one team. This can significantly reduce development and maintenance costs.

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Why does it work so well

There is one really nice thing about React Native from a technical point of view. It's code is being compiled to native mobile components. This is very important, because it allows to give a perfect balance of development speed and performance of the app, without any major drawbacks.

All the features you need

React Native gives you all the tools you need in your application like biometrics authentication, camera access, motion sensors, GPS, gyroscope and many more.

FAQ - common questions about React Native
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When should I choose React Native?

React Native is a perfect choice when you need the speed of native applications but the complexity of an app is not a priority (for example for small and medium-sized applications).

Is there a difference between React and React Native?

React is a library that helps developers building user interfaces on websites. React Native on the other hand is a framework that allows building mobile apps that people can install on their Android and iOS devices.

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