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May 27, 2022

How to Create a Service Website That Converts? - Experts Zone #24


Pawel Ingielewicz

Head of Design
How to Create a Service Website That Converts? - Experts Zone #24
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Focus: Converting Website

How to Create a Service Website That Converts? Our Head of Design shares some expert tips about how to make your website work.


Hello everyone, and welcome back to Frontend House channel. This is me, Pawel Ingielewicz, and I'm here to talk about how to create a service page that actually converts. 

You might be wondering why doesn't your service page converts and create any new leads. You may think you have a very nice-looking website, somebody helps you with it, you take care of it, and still nothing happens. So I'll give you a few tips that might help you with that. So tip number one is to show your reputation. 

Show your reputation

So basically when we look at the website and then on the same page, we look for certain information. So if, for example, a customer is trying to decide whether or not they want to work with you, they will for sure check who were you working for before. Or who did you cooperate with? That's why it is very important to just show what clients did you actually have. So the bigger names the better.


For example, any logo that some people might know is better than a completely anonymous company. Like my hoodie. I have a Witcher logo and some people might know that. Maybe you? When you look at Figma, for example, they show that Microsoft or IBM are using their software, and a lot of other companies are also doing it too.

So one of the first things you should actually think of is showing off your reputation. Show what clients did you work with before. The bigger names, the better. People will then know that you are simply trustworthy, that you already have worked with certain clients, maybe even from their own field. So they know that you might know how to help them. If you do not have clients like you didn't have any big-name clients or you're just starting out, then this might be a problem, but then it is important that you could show why should they work with you - even though you do not have many experiences. 

Case studies

But what if you don't have a lot of clients? Then it's important to look at your case studies. It's the second point I want to talk about, which is showing off also your work.

What did you do before? How did you tackle a certain problem? So yeah, a lot of people think that the better images, the better quality images, the better. Yes, that is true. When you show your work and people say Oh my God, this looks amazing, and stuff like that, then yeah, this will work for a certain amount of people. But those more experienced ones, who actually know that, say Okay, this looks nice, but are you actually able to solve my problem? This is why just showing the graphical images of your work isn't enough.

It's always a good idea to put a very well-written case study of what changes you faced. How did you solve them? How did you tackle them? How was the cooperation going? Show some mistakes even, but what was actually a very good way of tackling a certain problem? How did you do that? This is very important for people to see because then they know, Okay, this guy, he really can solve a big problem.  So I think he might help me with mine.

That is why even if you have a reputation, you should also create a case studies profile. And if you didn't have any clients, this is even more important to show off your work and what did you do before. Because if you didn't do anything and you don't have any clients, then probably you will not get new clients.

So you need actually to have some building portfolio that will show off your work and just show people how amazing you are at what you are doing. That's why always remember to also keep very good with written case studies on your page just for people to see what's going on.

Tips for increase your website's conversion rate

Another topic that I wanted to discuss here today is how we look at certain pages. So there will be some people who will read the entire page. They will read all the content that you have written. But most people will just read the very top part. And I mean the very top part. It's very important that whatever you are trying to sell, put it in a very right way, very short way, and put it in a headline. 


Write in a headline that, for example, Complex IT Solutions or something that will show the client, the potential client, what you are doing. So they do not have to look for it. They know what you do by just reading the headline that you have there and then they will get interested. First impression matters, just check Google Analytics Heatmap.

Situation - Okay, I'm looking for a solution to my problem, they are IT company, they do that, so I want to check them out. So this going a little below. And then the most important part is to write the most influential and most important stuff just below the headline, because this is the part that people will actually read. They will read it because the more below you go, the less people read. Trust me, it's been researched, it's been proven. So you need to go and then write your very most important stuff right in the top so people can really understand not only what you are doing, but also get a better glimpse of how you might tackle their problems. So remember to keep the important stuff on the top of your content on the web page. Another topic that I wanted to discuss is the User Experience. 

User Experience for your conversion success

So User Interface is very important to make it look pleasant, make it look nice that people feel Yeah, okay, they do nice stuff, I like that. But then again, if your User Experience on the page is bad, then people won't actually stay with you. It's very important to create a layout that will suit your users needs. So it's always a good idea to do market research, do client research, check what things are people looking for, what kind of target group this is, and how are they working on?


Very important, for example, a lot of young people are now using a lot of mobile phones. So your app needs to be mobile device friendly. So User Experience, making your application mobile-friendly is very important. Maybe the most important today because a lot of people are using actually mobile phones.


The second is - now, for the time being, a lot of people are using videos. If you look at even Instagram, Instagram turns from photos to videos. Although people are using videos right now, TikTok and everything. People want to see what you can do for them in even like 10-15 seconds video. It's also important to go with the kind of a flow, go with the trends. 

Videos are very important today, so maybe in your headline, you could show a video that shows how you work. Maybe for example you are a tailor, so you can have a very nice made video that shows how you work, and people say Okay, I like it, I like the approach. It's not mass production. It's really nice that the tailor does his own stuff by his hands. So video can help you with that and turn some people into your product, into your services.

That's why it's also important to keep up with the trends and now the trend is the video. Basically, record the video, put it on your website and people will just be amazed. And if they are amazed then they will try to maybe work with you or at the very least they will proceed through the entire web page and then you have an opportunity to convince them to stay in.

Loading time

Also, from the User Experience point of perspective, it's very important to keep your website and pages on it very quickly to load. If people will see that it's loading time is slow, they will probably just close the tab. 

Trust me on that. I think the time for tab is like 2 seconds, more gives poor User Experience. If your application won't load, if your website won't load in like 1.5 seconds, then you're lost. You need to do it even quicker. So very important also thing to keep in mind to keep loading times on your website very, very, even extremely short. Trust me on that.

Consistency within copywriting

Again, consistency in writing. If you do not have that experience, it's always a good idea to hire a copywriter to help you write content on your website, but it's also important to keep it consistent. If you want to approach your clients in a more casual way, then keep it casual on the entire website. If you want to approach them in a more formal manner, also keep it across the website. Because if for example on your main page you are talking to your users in a formal way and then, for example on the service page, you change it to a more casual direct approach, then this is confusing. First, you started with Mr or something like that, and then you are starting more direct and casual approach.

So consistency within copywriting is also very important. What kind of language do you use? Is it more sophisticated or more simple? So it's a good idea to keep it consistent. And also again, User Experience, target group. Are you talking with more like lawyers and judges or are you talking more with young people? Different language, different approach.

You should try to be as adjusted to your users as possible. Thanks to that, you will create a sort of communication vibe that you might have with your client already on the website. And then when the time comes to purchase or just to talk with you, ask about your services, people will know well the approach that you just have created on your website. So then you will be able to communicate with them on much better ground, sort of. So consistency regarding copywriting is also very important - keep it in mind within your marketing efforts and you will see higher website conversion rates.

Show of your competency

Again, going back a little bit to showing off your work on this service page, what is actually the most important? The most important thing on the landing page, that people are looking for, is actually - Are you able to solve their problems and what exactly do you do? So those two things need to be underlined every time they can. 

You need to keep it. I know I said it during the case studies and all of that, but still, it's very important to keep in mind that people will look for the answers to those questions. You must show them that I am your best choice to find a solution to your problem, that I will help you with that and I will do it by doing this and that. Showing off, for example, how you work, your process, maybe your workshop, and how you identify the problem. You do a Product Discovery Workshop, then you work for example in the scrum, as it would be in IT. Or maybe, if you're a tailor, then I'm making a suit, but first I will talk with you, I will measure your arms and stuff like that. Then people think Okay, I know this guy knows his stuff. Showing that you are the solution to their problem, to help them with their problem is fairly easy. 

It's a small size digital marketing stuff that you can do. But showing how you work shows them really that you know your stuff, that you're not just some guy with a laptop or something that just happens to be there. Now you are the expert on this matter and you can help them. It's very important that they will convert, that they will talk with you and they will finally want to work with you.

So to do that, they need to first go to service page and just be sure that you are the right person. So thanks to having landing pages that actually show what you do and how you work, what exactly is your process, will make sure that people will lose their doubts. Because a lot of them have doubts. Like I want to spend a lot of money on this. I'm not sure if he's the one. So if people don't know what you actually do and how you do it, they might not convert. They might think Okay, I'm not sure that one, I will go with this guy because I've seen how he works. I've seen it. I've seen a video. He explained his process on the page. I want now to speak with him about the details, how he could approach my problem. If you want to show them that, then they will have doubts and they might not convert in the end to you. So yeah, it would be a bummer. We don't want that, we need to use only best pracites of conversion optimization.

That's why always keep in mind to explain what you do, how you do it. Some people may lose their doubts. Some people just lose their doubts and want to talk with you about the details.

Blog and articles

Also, last but not the least, keeping a blog or any articles that you might redirect people to your service page, if they have any doubts, is always a good idea. Because if you keep everything on a service page, people may not read it, as we read (as I said) most of the top. So if you, for example, list some kind of list of articles that you have written on a blog about certain problems, this might also help you convert them. Because then people will go read it, get to know a little bit more about you, your articles, and what did you write. 

Then they might go back to service page and say Okay, I like this approach. I like what he has written. If you have some blog post, keep it there. For example, it would be a good idea to always redirect when you talk about certain topics. For example, you have a let's say design system and then you talk in your case study or content, you talk about the design system and you have a written blog article about it. You can post it there like a link to redirect Read more about this in my blog post.

This also shows people your expertise. People tend to think that if you are writing a blog, you know what you are writing about. So they will check it and they will make sure that Okay, I like what he's saying, I want to talk with him. You get the desired action. So if you have any blog posts then always remember to keep it there, show it off also just to make people sure that you know what you are doing and what are you talking about. Not to mention that good content ranks in search engines. That is a simpe way to high converting website.

Summary. How to increase website conversions?

In the conclusion, as I mentioned before, the most important thing - show people what do you do exactly, how you do it, what is your process, and most important information should be kept on the top, in the headline. Very briefly explain what you do, like complexity solutions or suit that suits you, something like this that people know what you are doing on the top. Then more information below. If you have any blog posts, keep it there so people can go there and actually easily find some maybe additional information of what they are looking for. Then you might create really a service page that will actually convert because in the end what people must do on your service page is lose their doubts and be sure that you know what you are doing and that you can help them. Those are those three things. So they do not have any doubts, they know what you're doing, and they know that you can help them. If you have those three things you might actually achieve your goals. Thanks to those things you will improve your website conversion rate (always keep in mind the process of Conversion Rate Optimization). People will talk to you and then you will probably discuss details with them.

So that's all that I have prepared for you today. Thank you very much. We upload new content every Friday so stay tuned for those. As always it was a great pleasure making this video and have a nice day. Bye. 

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