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May 20, 2022

PoC, MVP and Prototype - Which One Do You Need - Experts Zone #23


Przemek Mikus

PoC, MVP and Prototype - Which One Do You Need - Experts Zone #23
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Watch the newest podcast by Przemek Mikus about PoC, MVP and Prototype. Which one should you choose to test your idea and develop your product?


Before building your digital product, you have to be convinced, that there is a market need for your product. You have to test your product idea. There are some methods which will help to prove the quality of a future product: proof of concept, minimum viable product and prototype. Today we will talk about those methods and the differences between them. I hope that today’s podcast will help you to choose the best fit for your project and for your idea. Remember, that you can always contact our Frontend House team. We will build and improve your project at every stage. Let’s start with the proof of concept.

Definitions of PoC, MVP and Prototype

Proof of Concept

In software development, a proof of concept is the method, which helps to present the main idea of the product. It shows the potential of the idea and gives an understanding of the concept’s profitability and feasibility.

Proof of concept is usually presented in a form of a clickable mockup. The conducted analysis will help to choose features and technology and will give a justification for stakeholders and investors.


The prototype has another main goal. A prototype shows how the product could be built. A prototype is about architecture, user interface and the whole design of your future application or website.

There is no need for a prototype when you are working on additional and not complicated features for already existing systems. When the application is simple enough, you don’t have to create the prototype too. But in other cases, building a prototype can save your time and money on further steps.

Your development team will be always there to help with advice and choose the best solution. Contact our Frontend House team via the form on our website.

Minimum Viable Product

The third concept of our comparison is an MVP. A minimum viable product is a product with the core functionality ONLY, which can present the idea and flow of your application.

By the way, you can watch the video about MVP on our channel. The link you will find here.

MVP is a basic version of the application. On the stage of MVP, users can already use the app and evaluate, whether its functions are needed or not and if the user experience is good enough to develop the full version of the product.

MVP is the perfect solution for complex projects, which need to check the market demand and gather the feedback of the target audience. The feedback of the users will show you the weak and strong sides and give you an opportunity to avoid mistakes and improve your idea.


To sum up, these methods check different parts of your future product at different stages. Proof of concept checks the idea and its feasibility. If the proof of concept is confirmed, that the idea is ready for the next stages, the prototyping part begins. That stage shows the design of an app. If everything goes well, it’s time to create a minimum viable product, which is an application with basic functionality. Your target audience will test your MVP and give feedback. Your product development team will analyze all the feedback, make changes and then, you will be ready for the development of the full version of your product. 

Our team of developers, UI and UX designers, and managers will take care of your idea from the very beginning, through the product discovery workshop, then design, development, testing, and all necessary stages - proof of concept, prototyping or building an MVP. Contact our team of professionals to develop and improve your digital project and bring it to success.

Thank you for your attention, don’t forget to give thumbs up, write comments and follow our Frontend House channel. See you in the next episodes, bye!

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