A truly business-friendly technology.

A truly business-friendly technology.

React services for your business

The library helps build amazing, interactive user interfaces which are fully responsive. What superpowers make React.js a dominating frontend JS technology? Check why you should choose React development services.

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Why choose React development services

  1. Scalability

    React.js scales up easily. This is mainly because of the library’s modularity.

  2. Speed

    It boosts the speed of the software development process as developers can easily write individual parts. Changes don’t affect the logic of the application.

  3. Rich user interfaces

    A poorly designed interface may break an app. React.js enables developers to build high-quality, rich user interfaces your users will love.

  4. Flexibility

    React.js can be easily used to build small websites, medium-size applications, as well as large enterprise-scale systems. Also, the library works in many different environments (e.g., mobile applications).

  5. Stability

    You don’t have to rewrite your codebase – React.js makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest stable version.

  6. Reusable components

    React components save time for developers as there is no need to write various codes for the same features. This also uplifts developers’ productivity.

  7. Vibrant community

    Among the others, React has been incorporated in Instagram or Facebook’s stacks. It has the support of a large and vibrant community.

  8. SEO

    The library is SEO-friendly. E.g., it reduces the page load time.

import react, import app
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A few words about React.js

React.js is a JavaScript library invented by Jordan Walke as a prototype that was supposed to make building simple, fast, and scalable web applications easier and more efficient. React.js is commonly used to develop software that is constantly refreshing data on its user interface. The library enables you to create components made with JavaScript.

What Is React used for?

Currently, over 220 thousand live websites use React.js, and the number is growing every day. The React library works if you want to build: interactive web applications | fast user interfaces | web and mobile apps that share code | fully scalable web applications.

Use the power of React.js

In the IT industry, stability and scalability are everything, especially if you want to create web applications. You need a trusted web framework that will help you ensure the maintainability and high performance of your software product. One of the frameworks that won the hearts of software developers is React.js. IT industry leaders like Facebook or Airbnb use it.

Components in React.js

React.js is characterized by a component-based architecture approach. Simply speaking React components can be anywhere on any web page including text labels or buttons. Further, each React component consists of the building blocks of an app, which represent an aspect of the user interface (UI components). All components have their own properties and functions. Not to mention that by dividing the user interface into various components, debugging is much easier.

React development at FrontendHouse

At FrontendHouse, we set the highest standards. We only work with experienced developers with interdisciplinary skills. We offer comprehensive React.js development services – you can outsource your ideas to us, and we’ll be happy to build a project from scratch for you. We work with the Agile approach in mind so you can scale our services up and down, depending on your needs. Once we establish a collaboration, you will get a dedicated project manager who will create a long-lasting relationship between your company and our team. Let us create a React app for you.

React development team extension / dedicated teams

Do you need to extend your in-house development team with React developers? Or maybe you need a specialized team, dedicated only to your project? At Frontend House we are able to deliver you professionals that work with various React developer tools on a daily basis and create stunning digital products. Let us know what you need and let's get started. Can we launch the development server for your React application?

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How to choose React services?

Contact our experts from Frontend House. Fill out the Free Consultation contact form or reach us via mail hello@frontendhouse.com. We will gladly fit the solution that fits your business needs.

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